an ATV and UTV Race Event for Off-road racing in Montana

Montana Mayhem Racing Series is a 4 part, short track MX style, Off-road race series. Our track is a 1.5 mile oval with jumps, gaps, whoops, and more. Designed specifically for SxS’s and 4-wheelers for high-flying action.

Offering racing for novice, amateur and pro’s, whether adults, teens, and children, this race series is the first of its kind in the Flathead Valley.

Race and Series rules apply for prize eligibility. We strongly encourage reading the Series rules along with the individual race rules for full details.

We will have our points system up soon for your review and a comment period available at that time. We look forward to bringing you a series that will knock your socks off!

Montana Mayhem: The off-road racing series in Montana that brings you these twisty, jumpy, extreme tracks for challenging the driver skill.

Frostbite Frenzy: March 2, 2019: The first in the series, generally will occur end of February / beginning of March. Each year’s snow levels and predictions will determine the date.

Muddy Madness: April 27, 2019; Second in the series, generally will occur end of February / beginning of May as weather dictates. This race will include muddy areas for that extra splash in the dash for cash!

Sawmill Scramble: July 27, 2019; Third in the series, generally will occur on the same weekend each year, regardless of date changes for other races. This race will include obstacles based on its original location at the old sawmill in Olney. Fun themes help to keep variety on the courses.

Harvest Havoc: October 19, 2019; Fourth and final in the series, generally will occur the Saturday between Bow and General hunting seasons. This race will include obstacles themed for harvest and of course being so close to Halloween- will include costume contests! Check out the link for more details.