Stillwater Bathtub Races

Welcome to the Stillwater Bathtub Races!


Find the 2nd Annual Stillwater Bathtub Races to be held on 8/25/2018, on our Facebook Events Page.

We’ll post more details here as they develop. Meanwhile, take a look at our First Annual Stillwater Bathtub Races below…


The First Annual Stillwater Bathtub Races were a wonderful and silly way to close out the summer. We wanted to show our appreciation to everyone for their support of Action Rentals and thought of other ‘closing ceremonial’ competitions in the valley. We were inspired by Pond Skip and Barstool Races, and we strongly encourage you to check them out if you’ve never been! …

The little kids’ were not to be outdone in the Stillwater Bathtub Race. We held a SUP race for kids under 10 and it was so much fun to watch. Volunteers and Parents were tickled to cheer their little ones on.

There weren’t many entrants for the Stillwater Bathtub Races as many people just weren’t sure what we were talking about. That didn’t stop the races though. We even had one young man run off and go make a racer after he saw what they were about, and he entered his own!

The race was on, the contestants were determined, and Action Rentals learned we should probably have classes for ‘Regular’, ‘Modified’, and X-Class. Many folks asked about entering next year and requested being able to attach small motors!

Check out our Facebook  Event 2017 Stillwater Bathtub Races for more details from the 2017 event! Be sure to keep tabs on the 2nd annual Stillwater Bathtub Races in 2018, too.

We had additional vendors and raffles last year. Action Rentals plans on increasing the raffles and creating a ‘carnival’ atmosphere with games for the kids to play- And win prizes, and have a few shops for the Adults to have a chance at winning some great summer stuff too!

It was definitely memorable, and we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Stillwater Bathtub Races in 2018.

Be sure to watch our YouTube Channel for videos from the Stillwater Bathtub Races and more! Check this events page for updates and feel free to message us and ask how you can be a part of our Events!