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Montana Mayhem Off-Road Series Points Standing 2023

Montana Mayhem Off-Road Series 

Current Points for Frostbite Frenzy; Muddy Madness; Sawmill Scramble.

The final race: Harvest Havoc is coming up and will determine the Series Winner. Don’t miss out on the Action!

Racing has been a blast this year and we absolutely love seeing all of the new faces!

It wouldn’t be as much fun without you! As we gear up to head to the final race of the season- we know you’d like to know where you stand. Unfortunately, for some of you who missed races, that standing is marked as N/E for Not Eligible. You had to show up and at least attempt to get onto the track, plus stay for your class to race to be counted as eligible for the end of the season cash purse. This year’s Montana Mayhem Off-Road Series purses are just over $900 and we have some awesome prizes again this year as well!

Don’t forget to get costumed up for the Harvest Havoc- we’ll have prizes for best driver costume, best vehicle costume, best spectator costume!

If you have any questions about the following information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks and see ya soon-

Montana Mayhem Series Points and Eligibility for Grand Prize(s) N/E means Not Eligble for Mayhem Series Win Key:
Frostbite Frenzy Muddy Madness Sawmill Scramble Current Standing Blue is current 1st Place
Youth (Only 3 races count) Total Plus Race Points Yellow is current 2nd Place
MX 1 pt per race Green is current 3rd
6 and under (Little Kids)
Dusty Ingram N/A 3+1 = 4 2 + 2 = 4 8+2=10
Dylan Peterson N/A 2+1=3 3 + 5 = 8 11+2=13
Blayne Peterson N/A 1+1=2 X N/E
Sawyer Letray N/A 4+1=5 X N/E
7+ (JR)
James Brust N/A DNR 4 N/E
Landyn Burlingham N/A 3 4 7+2=9
Stevie Pattison N/A DQ X N/E
Brandon Letray N/A 4 X N/E
Carter Peterson N/A 2 X N/E
Nikolas Sparks N/A 1 2 3+2=5
Macyn Tull N/A X 4 N/E
Gracie Hoover N/A X 1 N/E
Jace Walton N/A X 3 N/E
Hunter Reisinger N/A X 4 N/E
6 and under (Little Kids)*
Teagyn Burlingham N/A 1+1=2 1+2=3(+2)=5 7+2=9
Beau Sierkauski N/A 1+1=2 2+1=3(+1)=4 6+2=8
*age gap prevents this group placing over each other
7+ (JR)
Corbin Leckron N/A 1+1=2 1+2=3(+2)=5 7+2=9
Jacob Wilson N/A 2+1=3 X N/E
Orrin Ashby N/A X 2+1=3(+1)=4 N/E
David Aaronson N/A 4+1=5 X N/E
Austin Nelson N/A 1+1=2 1+1=2(+1)=3 5+2=7
Gunner Koch N/A 5+1=6 5+3=8(+5)=13 19+2=21
Kyle West N/A 3+1=4 2+2=4(+3)=7 11+2=13
Tristan Poch N/A 2+1=3 X N/E
Cody Allen N/A 6+1=7 X N/E
James Youngblood N/A X 3+4=7(+4)=11 N/E
Dylan North N/A X 4+5=9(+2)=11 N/E
Beau Walker N/A 4 X N/E
Matt Sundelius N/A 5 X N/E
Clint Walker N/A 3 X N/E
James Nagel 6 X X N/E
Thomas Bailey N/A 2 X N/E
Alexis Nelson 5 X X N/E
Michael Malone N/A 4 X N/E
Austin Nelson N/A 3 X N/E
Aaron Frazee N/A 1 X N/E
Chris Chase 4 X X N/E
Andrew Sundelius 2 2 X N/E
Kevin Katon 3 X X N/E
Tyler Brown 1 X X N/E
Gavin Garringer N/A 3 X N/E
Austin Langley N/A 2 X N/E
Robert Messner N/A 1+1=2 X N/E
Joe Krass N/A 2+5(DNF)=7 X N/E
Tough Trucks
Steve Fowler 1 X X N/E
Teddy Burlingham 2 5 5 12+3=15
Kevin Hoover 3 X X N/E
Zach Havens 5 X X N/E
Jamie Fowler 5 5 2 12+3=15
Dakota Laverdere 5 X X N/E
CJ Nelson 5 1 1 7+3=10
Joe Krass 5 X 3 N/E
Hanna Peterson 5 X X N/E
Sterling Drollinger X 3 3 N/E
Jake Folwer X 5 X N/E
Austin Nelson X 5 1 N/E
Colter Krass X 5 X N/E
JT Krass X 5 X N/E
Joe Colvard X X 1 N/E
Carson Byers X X 5 N/E




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