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Less Is More Adventure

Our ‘Less is More’ Adventure consists of a maximum of 12 snowmobiles for an incredible, private adventure. This adventure must be booked with a minimum of 30 days advance notice and includes a fine dining experience over the campfire!

Package includes:

  • Half-Day Guided tour, on a back-country trail system, perfect for private groups & corporate parties.
  • Hot Lunch, menu is discussed at time of booking
  • Luxury transportation to and from our office.
  • Helmet and goggles, per person, are also provided.
  • Coat, Snow Pants and Gloves provided, per guest, but you must wear your own snow boots.

Based on single passenger per snowmobile.

Our snowmobile is a top-of-the-line Polaris Switchback 650 with 146″ track.

Rate: $340 per person

Minimum counts: The maximum count:
Snowmobiles 8 12
People 8 12

For larger groups- check out the Meet in the Middle or Go Big or Go Home, below.


  • Are not included in rates
  • Are discussed at time of booking

Meet In The Middle Adventure

Our ‘Meet in the Middle’ Adventure includes a Half-day Guided tour for a mixed group of single and double riders.

Package includes:

  • Half-day Guided Adventure on a mix of on, and off, trail-riding.
  • Cold Lunches for up to 16 people 
  • Luxury transportation to and from our office.
  • Helmet and Goggles are provided.
  • Coat, Snowpants, and Gloves are provided. Remember to bring your snow boots.

Rate: $199.50 per person. This spreads the costs of Guides and Transporation across every person equally, for the group size. More people and machines require more Guides and Meals.


Minimum counts: The maximum count:
Snowmobiles depends on Single/Double Rider Setup 15
People 14 16

*With a mix of single passenger and doubles

Example 1: With All Double Passenger Setup: $3192.00 For Group size of 16 on 8 Snowmobiles.

Example 2: With 2 singles and 6 doubles Setup: for 14 people and 8 snowmobiles: $2793.00

For more people &/or more snowmobiles- check out the Go Big or Go Home package below.


  • Are not included in rates
  • Are discussed at time of booking

Go Big Adventure

Our ‘Go Big or Go Home’ Adventure for up to 20 snowmobiles- with a mix of single and double occupancy available, for a Full Day Adventure.

This package includes:

  • a Full Day Guided Adventure for a truly memorable escape into winter playgrounds.
  • Hot lunch
  • and luxury transportation to and from our office.
  • Helmet and goggles, per person
  • Coat, Snow Pants, and gloves are provided but please be sure to wear your own snow boots.

With enough Guides to split up this adventure to accommodate various ride levels- we are sure you’ll have an action-packed adventure, tailored to be just right, for the whole group!


Minimum counts: The maximum count:
Snowmobiles 10 20
People 10 30

*With a mix of single passenger and doubles

Rate: $450 per snowmobile

  • Rate is for both single and double snowmobiles and covers costs of Guides and Transportation equally.


  • Are not included in rates
  • Are discussed at time of booking

VIP & Corporate Services

Are you looking for that extra ‘something’ to really take your breath away? Let Action Rentals, your Premier Outdoor Concierge, unleash the adventure for your VIP’s this winter. Privately guided, fine dining, exclusive lodging and luxury transportation combined to provide an adventure they’ll never forget, and you won’t find it anywhere but here. Call today to create your most memorable adventure- ever.

Braaptastic Dames Adventure

Ladies, this is all about you.

Whether you need to rent a snowmobile and instructor or just come ride with someone, this is the tour for you. Our ‘Ladies Only Adventure; is intended to instruct, encourage, and grow your love of riding. No matter your skill level come get your throttle therapy this winter with our Guides.  Call to book this exclusive adventure! 

The Snowball Express

Maybe you have a small group and just need a short, scenic tour with a stop for time to play in the snow… this is your ride!

Our 2-hour tour is perfect for single or double passenger rides. Starting at $125 per snowmobile this rate includes Fuel, Guide, Helmet and Goggles. Follow your Guide to a snowy playground to ride, build a snowman, share a hot cocoa in a wintry snowscape covered backdrop.

Private Transportation Services

Not looking for a big group package, but you need excellent transportation service? Your group can ride together with luxury travel services provided by Wild Horse Limousine. They are on time-every time. Their service is impeccable and their rates are comparable to other services. Pick-up and return services from the Hampton Inn and Suites, the Lodge at Whitefish Lake, and the Firebrand and more- for a Full-Day, Guided excursion on our Polaris Snowmobiles, are available.

Meals, Guides & Safety

You will never feel lost with our knowledgeable, friendly, and certified guides as your companion. With Action Rentals, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill guided trip on the trails. Our Montana guided trips are back-country, off-road style, with stops at breathtaking views, natural snow-bowls, and wide-open playgrounds for your riding experience level. Whether you are a beginner or pro, we’ll get you to the best riding terrain for the most memorable adventure, without taking you into avalanche territory. While no one can guarantee you there will never be a slide if there’s a slope, we can assure you we are not taking you to known avalanche locations.

Size Matters

Groups up to 12 people can travel in the Sprinter Limo Coach and have the option to include 1 snowmobile per person; or you can ride double, if preferred, with your loved one.

Have a larger group? While it is true that Action Rentals can accommodate up to 30 people on snowmobiles, the next level in luxury travel for a large group seats 27 passengers in the Executive Coach Shuttle. If you would like those three extra seats, give us a shout and we’ll help ensure you and your 29 friends can go.

Conditions For Reservation

  • All VIP reservations are a flat rate based on either snowmobile, or people. Please pay attention to the wording for the correct pricing. Group rates are for 12, 16, or 30 passengers. If your group is smaller, we have other options. If your group prefers one of these modes of transportation regardless of size, the rate is still the same.
  • Pick up and Return is at the same location(s). Hampton Inn & Suites, Lodge at Whitefish Lake, and Firebrand Hotels. 8:00 am pick up; 5:30 return time.
  • Meals are picnic-style lunch and consist of a main entree, 2 sides, and drinks. Specialty items or requests may require different fees.
  • All rental agreements and State Recreational Use fees are completed online prior to the rental date.